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The following list of products outlines items we currently sell. That doesn't mean we are only interested in these products. We love to research new products and develop new uses for old products. Feel free to give us a call at 801-910-2290.

Some of the products we furnish include:

Food Papers: Pan Liners, Parchment, Waxed Papers, Oiled Loin, Poly Coated.

Pressure Sensitive Materials: Double Coated, Adhesive Transfer, Specialty Tape, Custom Print.

Over Wrap: Polyolefin Shrink Film, Skin Packaging, BOPP Overwrap, and Perforated Films.

Bakery Bags: Hot Needle perforated Bags, Waxed, Custom Print.

Baking Cups and Liners: Special Sizes, Four unique Grease Proof papers, Special Print.

Industrial Packaging Paper: Kraft, Ph Neutral, Chipboard, Special Sizes, Sheets, and Rolls.

If your needs are out of the ordinary, require unique solutions, or just plain hard to find, Contact Us

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